Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village located in the south eastern part of Malta. The village's name comes from marsa which means "port" and xlokk which is the local name for "south east". The word is related to the name given to the dry sirocco wind that blows from the Sahara comparable to the equivalent Catalan word "xaloc". During the week days Marsaxlokk is teaming with hawkers selling traditional souvenirs to tourists. The Marsaxlokk market has an interesting and lengthy history and is immensely popular on Sundays where hawkers sell a variety of seafood.

The inhabitants of the village are known as "Xlukkajri" and many of them are practicing fishermen. A main attraction is Marsaxlokk Bay which is full of traditional Maltese fishing boats called luzzus having the mythical eye of Osiris painted on their prows. The painted eyes on these luzzus are believed to protect fishermen and their boats from harm. These boats are thought to have been used by Maltese sailors since Phoenician times (around 800 BC).

The Xlukkajri also have their very own dialect which is spoken by a majority of the village's population.